Debbie's Original Artworks will be for sale at Wachter's in Ojai on Sat, Nov 23, from 11 to 5. On the Patio.

Debbie J

Intuitive Consultant    Dream Interpretation 

Authentic Reiki ®

Clairvoyant      Medium     Psychometry    Tarot Cards
Life’s Purpose/Career Path
Artist: Paintings & Jewelry

Workshop Facilitator:

Dream Interpretation, Creativity, Intuitive Development, Life Skills, Career Exploration &

MA Counseling        Ojai, CA

Also Readings in Huntington Beach & Santa Barbara

  • 27 Years experience – Intuitive Reader
  • 36 Years experience – Authentic Reiki®
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    Debbie is a clairvoyant and a visionary who uses psychometry, tarot cards,

    and mediumship to help you connect with your higher self’s path.

    Her readings are given with warmth, humor, and gentleness. 

    Open yourself to information on your past, present, future, relationships,

    or communicate with a loved one who has past over.

    Butterfly DancerBlue ButterflyButterfly Kisses

    Curious about your nighttime dreams? 

    Debbie successfully helps you make sense of your dream symbols using

    both intuition and a dream interpretation method.

    Butterfly DancerBlue Butterfly

    Finally, Debbie is a Third Degree practitioner of Authentic Reiki®

    Authentic Reiki®

    Butterfly Play


    Healing In America

    Ojai House

    Secret Garden, Santa Barbara, CA

    Santa Barbara Psychic Faire
    Love Awareness Foundation

    University of Redlands

    Universitey of Redlands, Johnston Center

    Santa Barbara Channels: Let Us…Connect!

    Through the Woods Contemplation Freedom Bracelets by Debbie J. A Whole Lotta Loving Next to the Orchard




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